Model Control Block in FreeCAD

Model Control Block in FreeCAD_01

Hello Friends welcome to FreeCAD Tutorial. In our previous tutorial we have learned How to model pipe with flange in FreeCAD. In This Tutorial we will learn How to model Control Block in FreeCAD with the help of Part design Workbench. In this Tutorial I will explain you How to make control block step by step in FreeCAD.

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Create Sketch on XZ Plane as Shown in Below Image

Model Control Block in FreeCAD_04

Once the Sketch is fully Constrained Extrude it to distance of 227 mm

Model Control Block in FreeCAD_05

New Select the front face and create the sketch as shown

Model Control Block in FreeCAD_06

Once Sketching is completed create Pad of 33mm

Model Control Block in FreeCAD_08

Now Create a Circle of 88.9 mm on face.

Model Control Block in FreeCAD_09

Now come out of the sketch and create Cut of 78mm

Model Control Block in FreeCAD_10

Now Select the face and Create Sketch as Shown.

Model Control Block in FreeCAD_11

Now make the cut of Depth 13 mm

Model Control Block in FreeCAD_12

Now Create a Datum Plane at distance of 164 with respect to XY Plane.

Model Control Block in FreeCAD_13

Now on Datum plane create the Sketch as shown.

Model Control Block in FreeCAD_14

Now create Cut with Up to Face End Condition. Select the Surface of circular cut.

Model Control Block in FreeCAD_15

It is all done we have successfully made our Control block in FreeCAD.

Model Control Block in FreeCAD_16

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