Basic Guide to Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) in Piping Systems

Pipe Nps

Nominal Pipe Size have very important role in piping system to describe the size of pipe or to buy the pipe size from manufacturer. In this article we will learn what is NPS and how a pipe size plays important role in design of piping system.

In simple term it represents the size of pipe in numerical designation, but it does not represent the actual dimensions of the pipe. It just provides approximate size of pipe as per standard.

In piping industry diameter of pipe is often represented by NPS and it denotes the approximate internal diameter of pipe. its main purpose is to classify the similar pipe dimension to standardize in the piping industry. In Piping industry NPS often expressed in Inches and every NPS have specific outside diameter (OD) and wall thickness.

Nominal pipe size plays very important role in selection of fitting and other components in piping systems. Organization like ISO and ANSI cooperate together and regulate the NPS system to ensure uniformity in the global piping industry.

In simple term NPS provide actual outside diameter whereas pipe thickness depends upon schedule class. For example, an NPS 6 pipe might have different actual dimensions for Schedule 40 and Schedule 80. While the original NPS system was based on inches, there are now adaptations that include metric sizing to meet the global nature of modern engineering and construction projects.

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