Let’s Explore the FreeCAD user Interface

FreeCAD is the one of the best open-source CAD modeler available in the market. FreeCAD user-interface is different than other traditional CAD modeler like SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor. In this article we will explore the FreeCAD user-interface.

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FreeCAD user Interface

  1. In above image number shown 1 is shows content of your document.
  2.  In above image number shown 2 represent tree view of your body or model. it contain hierarchy and construction history of your body. all feature comes under tree are parametric in nature.
  3. In above image number shown 3 represent property view of your model or body. you can easily customize the feature of your body from here.
  4. In above image number shown 4 represent report view which shown print message, errors and warnings. you can easily turn it off or on by right clicking on menu area.
  5. In above image number shown 5 represent python console where you can execute python script. in python console FreeCAD print command executed by user.
  6. In above image number shown 6 represent workbench selector where user can switch fron one workbench to other. In FreeCAD you can use multiple workbenches to model the part.

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