FreeCAD Part Modeling Tutorial 28

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Hello friends welcome to FreeCAD Part Modeling Tutorial 28. In this Tutorial I have explained How to Model above part in FreeCAD.  This Tutorial is designed for beginner user to understand  part design Workbench in FreeCAD and basic modeling approach in FreeCAD with the help of Part Design workbench.

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FreeCAD Part Modeling Tutorial 28 (1)

STEP 01-:  Create the datum plane at distance of 19mm

FreeCAd Part Modeling Tutorial 28_002

STEP 02-: Now create below profile with dimension shown.

FreeCAd Part Modeling Tutorial 28_003

STEP 03-: Now extrude it to 4mm as shown in below image. If you not see the body then click on Reversed option.

FreeCAd Part Modeling Tutorial 28_004

STEP 04-: Now create below profile by projecting arc and create arc of dimension R16 and fully constrained it as shown in below image.

FreeCAd Part Modeling Tutorial 28_005

STEP 05-: Now Mirror the feature with respect to XZ plane.

FreeCAd Part Modeling Tutorial 28_006

STEP 06-: Now create the below profile. it is plane hole so I have used extrude cut feature. you can make this feature with the help of hole feature as well.

FreeCAd Part Modeling Tutorial 28_007

STEP 06-: Now remove the material and end condition is Through All.

FreeCAd Part Modeling Tutorial 28_008

STEP 07-: Now select the all four corner and give fillet of 7mm.

FreeCAd Part Modeling Tutorial 28_009

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