Let’s understand FreeCAD Part Workbench

Let’s understand FreeCAD Part Workbench

FreeCAD is one of the best CAD applications that I have ever used throughout my career even it is not user friendly like other paid CAD application like SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor. Best thing which I like about FreeCAD is It is single CAD application that comes with all major essential tool. FreeCAD is powered by OpenCasCade Kernal which is one of the industry rated CAD kernels.

Part module of FreeCAD workbench uses the OpenCasCade object and function and part made with the use of Boolean operation. I have made detailed tutorial on How to use Boolean operation in FreeCAD.


Image Credit-: https://dev.opencascade.org/

Core feature of FreeCAD Part workbench is geometric Primitives and standard shapes which comes from OpenCasCade terminology. A geometric primitive can be a point, a line, a circle, a plane, etc. A Shape in FreeCAD Part Workbench can be a vertex, an edge, a wire, a face, a solid or a union of other shapes.

At starting stage, it seems to be difficult to make part with geometric primitives and shape but once you familiar with Boolean operation you will enjoy part modelling with part design workbench. I hope you have like this post if you liked it then please share it on social media and also give your valuable suggestion in the comment section of this video.

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