Basic Guide to UC Bearing Number Designation

Basic Guide To Uc BearingThe UC range is an extensive range of ball bearing units that comply with Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and offers optimized protection against contaminants and resistance against washdowns. The units are available for normal, medium, and heavy-duty applications.

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Meaning Of Uc In Bearing In Uc 205 Bearing

UC represent that Bearing is Inserted inside of Block and Bearing Inserted of Cylindrical Bore Type. It have set screw to lock with Shaft.

Meaning In F In Uc Bearing

F Represent that Housing Type is of Square Type Flanged Four Bolt.

Meaning Of Fl In Uc Bearing

FL Represent that Housing Type is of Oval Flanged Two Bolt Type. That you can See in The Image.

Meaning Of 2 In Uc Bearing

From Above image it is clear that 2 is for Nominal Load and  3 is for Heavy load.

Meaning Of 05 In Uc Bearing

Last Two digit represent the bore size of bearing. If we multiply Last two digit with 5 then we can get the bore size of bearing.

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