Beginner Guide to Computer Aided Design

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When there was no any CAD tool, Mechanical Draftsman uses drafter to create the technical drawing Since last two-decade creation of manufacturing drawing has been changed a lot with the help of modern CAD software like SolidWorks, Creo, CATIA and Autodesk Inventor. CAD software helps engineer to create, modify, and optimize designs. In simple words CAD is defined as use of computer programs to create two- or three-dimensional graphical representations of physical objects.

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Initially CAD program were used in electronic and electrical industry like design electronic circuit with the help of block. Any CAD program reduces the cost of organization because an engineer easily modifies the 3D model and update the drawings. organizations like CAD program because it reduces the cost of modifying prototypes and purchasing parts. Now a day it does not matter what type of operating system you use major CAD program comes for all major operating system like Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux best example is FreeCAD. so far we have understood Computer Aided Design Software lets understand what are the major benefits of using CAD program.

Better Visualization: If you are using AutoCAD then it is very hard to visualize the shape of manufactured product but if you using modern CAD software then it is very easy to visualize finished product, sub-assemblies, and component parts of a CAD system significantly speeds up the design process.

 Better Accuracy: Modern CAD Tool provide better accuracy in term of measured dimension, Applied material, weight calculation etc.  therefore, CAD tool helps in reduction of errors made by engineer in technical drawing.

Easy to use: CAD program are easy to use almost all major tool same in all program for example Extrude cut in SolidWorks is known as pocket in FreeCAD and perform the same function. If you have learned one CAD program, then you can learn other CAD program very easily.

CAD program are getting smarter day by day I hope in near future we will have AI tool for mechanical design as well where AI will be able to create model based on design input. I am very happy to see that open source CAD program are improving day by day. FreeCAD is a big hope for small scale industries because these industries cannot afford propriety CAD software like SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor.

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