Model Socket Bearing in FreeCAD

Hello friends welcome to FreeCAD tutorial in our previous tutorial we have learned How to Model Hinge Block in FreeCAD. In this tutorial we will do modeling of Socket Bearing with the help of Part design workbench of FreeCAD. You can also download my source file of the tutorial at so let’s start our tutorial.

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Model Socket Bearing in FreeCAD


Select XY plane and create below profile.


Now extrude the above profile.


Now create datum plane as shown in below image.


Now select the datum plane and create the below profile.


Now extrude the profile up-to face as shown in below image.


Now select the face and create the below profile.


Now extrude the above profile.


Now select the face and create above profile.


Now remove the material for above profile.


Now select the face and create sketch for hole.


Now create the hole for above hole.


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