Setup Auto Spacing in FreeCAD Sketcher

I am not a big fan of grid for sketching in FreeCAD I use it when I have to sketch a part profile whose enough detail dimension is not available previous sketch grid in FreeCAD has resizing issue and it was only available in Draft Workbench. At the time of writing this post I am using FreeCAD 0.20.2 and I do not see sketcher grid As you can see in image it is a upcoming feature in FreeCAD 0.21.0. It is good to see that FreeCAD development team adding new feature to FreeCAD With a redesigned user interface for turning it on and off and adjusting the scaling parameters, the grid view in the Sketcher Workbench has undergone a significant refactoring.

It now incorporates automatic resizing as you zoom in and out in FreeCAD Sketcher Workbench. As shown in Image you can set custom spacing for Grid under sketcher workbench as per your requirement.

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The final result is a modification that affects more than 10,000 lines of code distributed over 36 files. The underlying modifications should make the Sketcher code base more flexible and manageable for part sketching, while the grid’s automated rescaling improves the user experience significantly and helps to create a part whose accurate dimension is not available.

FreeCAD has very strong team of developers who are working hard to make FreeCAD a better open-source alternative of paid software. I  would like to thanks developers @PaddleStroke, @abdullahtahiriyo, @0penBrain and FreeCAD sketcher team for enhancing FreeCAD sketching experience.

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