How to use Texture Mapping in FreeCAD

Texture mapping in freeCAd_05

In this Tutorial we will learn How to use texture mapping in FreeCAD.  fir st open the part in FreeCAD and then download the image file in my case i want to give copper texture to my part.

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Texture mapping in freeCAd_01

I have search over the internet and saved my copper texture image file. As shown in below image.

Texture mapping in freeCAd_02

Once you have saved your texture image select the active body then go to View option and then select texture mapping as shown in below image.

Texture mapping in freeCAd_03

In next step click on three dots and give the path of the saved image image file and click on the environment.

Texture mapping in freeCAd_04

Once you did that texture will be applied to part as shown in below image.

Texture mapping in freeCAd_05

If you want to try some other texture to your part just go to the task and give the path of your new image texture file. the downside of this tool is once you close it you will lost your texture but still this is good tool to capture image of your applied texture.

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