Things Anyone can do with FreeCAD


FreeCAD is one of the best open-source CAD application powered by Python programming language. FreeCAD is Free and it is a complete CAD software because you can not only can create 3D model and 2D drawing but also FEM, CAM etc. in single application. FreeCAD is very useful for small scale industries because it helps them to reduce their cost. FreeCAD community is very active and you can get support of your problems while using FreeCAD. Below is some key features of FreeCAD that anybody can do.

1.  With FreeCAD anyone can easily Design Mechanical Parts and Assemblies with the help of Part, Part Design and Draft Workbench.
2. With FreeCAD anyone can easy Create Architectural and Civil Engineering CAD models and drawing.
3. With FreeCAD anyone can  Simulate CAD Model test their designs with FEM and Path Workbench.
4. You can easily create 2D drawing for manufacturing  and technical documentation
5. You can easily export FreeCAD models in neutral CAD format like STEP, IGES and STL for 3D Printing.
6. FreeCAD is Fully Customizable with the help of Python Programming language.

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