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2D drawing have very important role in mechanical design because at the end at shop floor operator get manufacturing drawing to manufacture a part. As most of the 3D modeling software comes with 2D drawing feature but still 2D drafting software have its own importance. In this article we will discuss Best 2D CAD software Free and Paid of 2024.



AutoCAD is market leader of 2D CAD program, and it is owned by Autodesk. If you ask for best 2D CAD program, then most of the industry expert will recommend you AutoCAD. It is industry standard in mechanical design and architecture. With AutoCAD you can create 2D drawing fast because of its command-based feature and you can also use mouse, but it found that most of AutoCAD expert uses command best feature.

AutoCAD comes with subscription-based model you can choose your plan either monthly or yearly but if you choose yearly plan then it will be cheap. Apart from native AutoCAD Autodesk have AutoCAD LT version which is browser-based AutoCAD, and it can be accessed from anywhere with active internet connection.

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it is one of the alternatives of AutoCAD and owned by Dassault System which also own CATIA and SolidWorks. DraftSight is a Power Packed software for 2D drafting software like AutoCAD for architectural or mechanical 2D drawing. If you are coming from AutoCAD background, then you can easily learn DraftSight because commends and symbol are almost same.



It is one of the best alternatives of AutoCAD and it is highly recommended by many CAD experts because of two reason first is it has very similar user interface with respect to AutoCAD and it has very affordable pricing. The only downside with NanoCAD is it is only available for Windows otherwise it is very stable software for 2D mechanical design. If you are familiar with AutoCAD, then you can learn NanoCAD very easily.

Ares Commander:


It is a 2D CAD program developed by a German company known as Graebert. Apart from 2D CAD program this company develop software solutions in many fields.  Ares Commander 2D CAD software has functionality similar to AutoCAD at very affordable price. Best part of Ares Commander is it is available for all major operating system Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

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As a 3D modeling software and one of the best open-source alternatives of SolidWorks FreeCAD can also be used a 2D drafting software with its draft workbench. It is most popular among Freelancer and Inventor because it is open source. Best part of FreeCAD being open source it is available for all major operating system Windows, Mac and Linux.

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It is one of the best open-source alternatives of AutoCAD. LibreCAD is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS and it is highly recommended by 2D CAD community. LibreCAD can open naïve AutoCAD file correctly and can be used as DWG viewer. One of the biggest advantages of using LibreCAD is has CAM capabilities in build which mean you can not only design part but also can generate manufacturing code.

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It is one of the alternatives of AutoCAD. It comes with two versions its first community version is free and have some limitation and its second version is paid and comes with extra feature. Command used in QCAD is different from AutoCAD. If you have prior experience in AutoCAD, then you cannot apply your previous knowledge here.

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