Top 10 Courses to Join After Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and versatile field. Almost all major universities around the globe offers the course of mechanical engineering. In India IITM (Indian Institute of Technology Madras) is very famous for Mechanical Engineering as getting good job in mechanical field is getting difficult day by day so getting a mechanical engineering degree is not enough you have to some additional course to get better opportunity. In this article we will discuss Top 10 Courses to Join After Mechanical Engineering.

Masters in Mechanical Engineering:



If want to get a good job in market get the master degree in mechanical engineering in India almost all Indian Institute of technology offers duel degree program. The main benefits of master degree are that it will help you to gain expertise in a particular area, and make you eligible for higher-paying positions. There are many field where a mechanical graduate can do specialization including robotics, thermal systems, automotive engineering, or aerospace engineering, among etc.

MBA in Engineering Management:


There are many top universities around the globe offers MBA in engineering management. After your graduation in mechanical engineering if you are interested in leadership role then you must go ahead with MBA in engineering management.

Data Science and Machine Learning:


Data science and machine learning is booming now days. Most of the companies believe that data is new oil. As far as mechanical engineering is concerned Data Science and Machine Learning useful for predictive maintenance of machine, bearing life, optimizing manufacturing processes with data of recent failure, or developing AI-powered solutions for engineering challenges.

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Automotive Engineering:


It is one of the oldest engineering field of mechanical engineering. If you are mechanical engineering graduate, then doing masters in Automobile engineering will give you better opportunity in job market. In broad aspect Automobile engineering covers design, development, and manufacturing of vehicles, preparing you for a career in the automotive industry, which is constantly evolving with the introduction of electric and autonomous vehicles.

Aerospace Engineering:


there is lots of scape for mechanical engineer in Aerospace engineering. Indian’s landing on moon inspired mechanical engineer in India to pursue specialized course in aerospace engineering. Apart premier space research organization like ISRO and NASA their other big companies like Boeing, Airbus where mechanical engineer can do specialized course and get placed in these companies.

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Robotics and Automation:


Consumer demand cannot be fulfilled with robotics and automation so there is lots of scope for mechanical engineer if an engineer does a specialized course in Automation and robotics. Apart from mechanical engineering there is also lots of scope in health where robots are used for critical surgeries. There are many universities in India which offers specialized course in Automation and robotics.

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing:


3D printing getting popular day by day because of easy to manufacture a part. A specialized course in 3D printing will give you lots of opportunity in industries like aerospace, healthcare, and prototyping. A specialized 3D printing course will give you better job opportunity in job market.

CAD and Simulation:


Finite Element Analysis is one of the popular area where you can get very high pay package job it is due to because a simulation engineer soles the real life problem like crash test analysis of vehicle. There are many universities in India which offers master degree in CAD and CAM.

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