Easily Slice Part with Plane in FreeCAD

Slice Part in FreeCAD_01

I have used many CAD tools in my life like SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor etc. where taking section in the part is very easy especially in SolidWorks and you can also adjust the distance as per you requirement but slice tool in FreeCAD is very awesome where you can not only take section but you can convert them in two separate bodies and move it as well.

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Idea of slicing part is with respect to plane which we can control in all 3 direction Z,Y and Z and slice the part as per our requirement. the best thing is sliced part is two separate bodies which you can export as STEP or STL file for 3D printing. If you want you existing part then delete the sliced feature from bowser it is very easy to slice the part in FreeCAD and restore it.

Slice Part in FreeCAD is very awesome tool because it helps to create two solid with the help of intersection. As shown in below image where cube got intersect with plane and two separate solid got created.

Slice Part in FreeCAD

Sliced shape area is same as original shape and fully parametric if you want your original body then delete the sliced feature in the browser  tree. As Shown i Above image he slice is created and for each piece of it there is a Part CompoundFilter created, thus the same slice occurs multiple times below each CompoundFilter. All these CompoundFilters are united in a Compound. In FreeCAD feature tree you will see something like below image

Part Sliced

The above tool can also be used with macros and from python Console as well if you are good in python scripting you can give it a try. Sliced A Part feature first time introduced in FreeCAD version 0.18 .

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