Create Keyboard Short cut in FreeCAD

Create Keyboard Shortcut in FreeCAD

Working with keyboard shortcut increases improves the efficiency and it is applicable for all type of software that you are using in your daily life. like Solidworks and Autodesk inventor FreeCAD have also the feature to create the keyboard shortcuts.

Benefits of using Keyboard shortcut are as Follow-:

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to increase your productivity and accomplish more tasks by using the keyboard instead of the mouse. Here are some benefits of using keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Efficiency: You can increase your productivity and accomplish more tasks by using the keyboard instead of the mouse. For example, selecting all the text in a document can be done by simply pressing Ctrl+A while doing that with the mouse requires pressing the left mouse button and dragging it across the whole document.
  2. Multitasking: When you use the keyboard you don’t have to follow a pointer to see what you are doing and you can do that thing semi-automatically thus freeing your mind for other tasks.
  3. Complementarity: You can combine the advantages of using the keyboard with those of using the mouse. There are tasks that are much easier done with the mouse, take the example of browsing the web pages and clicking links but at the same time you can use the keyboard to navigate within the page or between tabs 1.
  4. Health issues: Extensive mouse usage is associated with R.S.I. (Repetitive Syndrome Injury) much often than the keyboard usage. By alternating mouse and keyboard usage you can reduce the risks of R.S.I. and reduce the fatigue your wrists and fingers.
  5. Precision: When you have a job that requires precision it is advisable that you use the keyboard, for example if you do a lot of text editing, it is more accurate to handle it through shortcut keys.

It is a good to prepare your Keyboard shortcuts in excel format so that when you reinstall FreeCAD then you can easily set your keyboard shortcut.

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